How To Use Location Sharing in mi-Circle App?

You can share your location through just about any of the main social networking sites out there these days -- Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, etc. -- however that does not mean that you just continually ought to, particularly if your social media profiles are public and you have got plenty of friends or followers who might also be thought of whole strangers.
Location sharing remains a fun the simplest way to inform your nearest friends or relations what you are up to, and there are millions of application or sites out there you'll use to definitely do exactly that -- while not blasting your exact location to everybody on the open web. All of those apps additionally provide you with versatile management of your privacy settings, therefore you'll customize precisely what you are doing and do not wish to share, and with whom.
Ready to share your location. Download mi-Circle apps to get started, and invite your friends and family to connect the app too!

mi-Circle App:-
It is all regarding sharing your location with the nearest people in your life -- your members of the family and best friends in exact & workplace individuals, Gym, faculty & much more. As shortly location is shared and accepted by all circle members, their entrance and exit notifications are generated for members in Circle location sharing e.g. Sister working at BPO night shift, progressing to know her entrance and exit from workplace.

Choose How to share Location in mi-Circle:-

  • Go to your location sharing Option
  • Then Next Choose add location
  • Then Choose select location
  • Set location name & save
  • Share with family member/particular member & circle.

To stop sharing your location, to click unshared My Location. This hides your location from all of your family members and your circle friends. And when you're prepared to share your location all over again, you can turn it back on at any time.
If location sharing enabled, if one of your devices is lost or stolen, you can ask a family member or circle member to use Find My Phone to help you locate it and get it back.
Location sharing isn't supported in many regions due to local laws.