mi Geofence

30 percent of the globe people are measure already location primarily based marketing services, and 80 percent of them need to urge location-based alerts from companies. A geofence will be looked upon as a effective perimeter that you just will draw nearby any location on a map, so target clients that arrive that location.

You would go onto a Google Map or some reasonably different mapping product, you'd establish the zone that you just need to geofence, so the concept is you are making these circular areas, or in certain cases, making shapes or polygons or within the locations you would like to focus on.

Then the phone or your app is watching for that geofence, and as i am going regarding my business, time to time, it's tracking that location within the background. You recognize instantly once enters choose location and exit choose location.

Mi-circle app: - mi-Circle app is very easy to set up and it’s free. It is best app for geofence.
Through this app business owner track their in & out time of employees. One of the best things that is so attractive about this app it track local & global in & out location of any family member, employee etc.

What Are The Technical Requirements Of Geofencing Through Mi-App

  • Android Phone Requirement  (5.0 or higher)
  • GPS Based Phone
  • Cellular Data ( Internet Data)
  • Wifi Data if cellular data is not available

This all works employing a combination of typically GPS, mobile data, and additionally Wi-Fi information combined.

You can use things sort of a high-accuracy GPS, thus you'll connect with a satellite; get a very high-accuracy lat and long of wherever that client is. The matter is, using the GPS radio, the terribly high-powered consumption, thus you are going to wear down the customer's battery.

Another downside there with is you cannot extremely use GPS within the background, and in fact, your clients aren't progressing to walk by your company or by your